11 Tips Podcasters Can Apply To Improve Guest Expert Interviews

6 Jan, 2013  |  Posted by  |  under Podcasting (Audio)

www.superfastbusiness.com – James Schramko has three podcasts on iTunes and has been interviewed on many other podcasts. Here are 11 tips to keep in mind when you are dealing with a guest interview: 1) confirm times with your guest and turn up on time 2) confirm the recording arrangements 3) confirm the target audience and key points 4) let it flow without interruptions 5) do not compare your guest to others 6) send your guest a link to the finished podcast 7) make the guest sound great and link to their site 8) record in a quiet place with a quality microphone 9) be confident 10 ask for a referral 11) be courteous of experts time Hear james on his podcasts here: www.InternetmarketingSpeed.com http www.SuperFastBusiness.com Also listen to some podcasts where James was interviewed by others www.SuperFastBusiness.com

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