Bose HSS Product Concept by 7Sigma (MSc Strategic Marketing Imperial College Business School) Dec’11

7 Feb, 2013  |  Posted by  |  under Podcasting (Audio)

Consumer oriented commercial produced by Group 1 of the MSc Strategic Marketing Course for the Marketing & Innovation coursework. Hypersonic Sound is a recent breakthrough in audio technology through which sound can be manipulated to provide personalised or highly targeted output. The applications of this technology range from personal audio speakers, speakers at supermarkets and museums to weapons for defense. One area where this technology has immense potential is personalised in-car audio, where each individual in the car cabin would have the freedom to choose their desired entertainment for the trip – with no need for headphones. A previous attempt to test this technology for this application was not entirely successful as placement of speakers in the car cabin and cost considerations had proven to be limitations. Bose has been chosen as the strategic partner company to introduce this revolutionary in-car audio technology. The company ranked #220 on Fortune’s Private 500 list in 2004 and is one of the strongest players in the sound system industry. The partnership would also enable this technology to capitalise on Bose’s large premium customer base. The report will analyse this technology and the proposed product in suggesting a feasible business plan that supports the Strategic Alliance with Bose.

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