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8 Feb, 2013  |  Posted by  |  under SEO Tools

FREE COPY: Google SEO Tools should be apart of every marketers arsenal, whether beginner or expert. Especially if you are creating content each and everyday. You should constantly be tracking and building links to your content in a natural way so that you can basically set it and forget it. Most people forget that SEO is a long term method and that you will not get fast results, but instead it becomes a accumulation of small results that will turn into autopilot traffic, leads, and sales for years to come. But lets be real, you are not going to get anywhere trying to do everything at a turtles pace, you will need the best tools on the market to help speed up the process. This is why in this article I will list my top 3 Google SEO tools to that will have you raking in tons of traffic in no time. My Top 3 Google SEO Tools 1. Tribepro First up is TribePro which is an automatic content syndication site that gives you hundreds if not thousands of high authority, social networking backlinks. Although know one can ever predicts Google’s algorithm changes, their have been studies that show that not only are traditional backlinks losing their influence on the SERPS but Google puts extreme importance are what’s called Social Signals. Social Signals are signs that a piece of content is popular based on the amount of shares on social platforms such as Facebook, Twitters, Stumble upon, Reddit, etc. Just a couple dozen of these kind of backlinks and actually out rank

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