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7 Jan, 2013  |  Posted by  |  under Opt-in Forms

ACT training to manage our contacts, track your referrals and grow your lists with betterACTnow’s online ACT training videos. Use this code UB11850 for 15% discount at checkout. -Please share link with your friends Here’s another video about Learning How to Add Free Overlay Ads to Your YouTube 5 things super successful people do: 1. Use a database to segment contacts 2. Have a way to keep in touch using email marketing 3. Use automated messages 4. Grow lists with sign up forms 5. Join a mastermind group or get a business coach Get our Free ACT 2013 Guides here Contact us about our Gold Coaching program Database marketing topics to grow your business. Step by step learning with deadlines and accountability to implement strategies in your business 1. Create targeted groups for increased email open rates 2. Write compelling emails to engage your readers 3. Produce automated email sequences for specific groups eg New Customers or Website Visitors. Save time with automated messages 4. Add sign up forms to your website, Facebook Page and blogs to increase your lists. Don’t forget to offer something of value as an incentive to sign up 5. Market your business through Facebook. Engage your fans with competitions and share your successes using Fan Reviews. Serious about getting more business this year? Get things done with betterACTnow Be more successful with your marketing. Get our Free Email Guide here We also have a Social Media

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