GutZy Women Chat about Young Entrepreneurial Women – Part 1

9 Jan, 2013  |  Posted by  |  under Web 2.0

Debbie Ducic, founder of GutZy Women interviews two young Female Entrepreneurs, Tisha Casida of That’s Natural Marketing and Kimberly Schaub of Thrive Lifestyles. In this video, they talk about following their PASSION, how to grow a business by joining forces with others who bring in the skills sets and resources that complement each other and how to expand their customer base (especially in an economically challenged community) by learning how to leverage Web 2.0 marketing tools to increase their prospective client base. This is a great video for young as well as seasoned women wanting to open up a business or a non-profit in order to follow their passion and how they can use technology to help them be successful.

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