is a serial entrepreneur and social internet marketer with a passion for learning and teaching business professionals and entrepreneurs the fundamental secrets to social success using online networks, social media, internet and network marketing and mixing it with new marketing, business and success building principles and strategies.

Acquiring social marketing knowledge can give you the ability to brand and market yourself online while you build strong meaningful and beneficial friendships and business connections online and offline.

Everyone has the ability to make friends, do business and make money online, if it’s done correctly.

But most don’t do it right because they don’t take the time to learn or have the patience to make it work to their best benefit.

I have a personal goal to help 1,000′s of people to learn internet marketing the right way, the new way and the free way.

I want to help you master (or grasp) social media, create a hub or “storefront” to attract people (get traffic) and focus on connection building skills (it’s not who you know but who knows you).

Not too long ago, I was a partly a NOOB (a newbie) BUT in less than 6 months I was able to create a huge network of friends, quality business connections and the confidence to create enough buzz & branding to put me on the list of the Top 50 Most Influential and Powerful Women in Social Media

By concentrating most of my marketing and relationship building efforts primarily on Facebook but also on Twitter,

I have been able to acquire marketing secrets and strategies that have taken my business to greater heights and you can do it too, I will show you :)

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