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25 Feb, 2013  |  Posted by  |  under Email Marketing Email Marketing Tips from dkspeaks – Reducing Email Unsubscribes Subscribers unsubscribing from your list is common. Though there are no acceptable unsubscribe rates, simple common sense should tell you what is acceptable and what is not? If you have ever been a subscriber to some list, I am sure you will know the reason why. Some of these reasons are — – Lack of quality of emails – Wrong expectations – Spamming Now, the reasons that we saw in the earlier slide is good enough for one to know how to reduce unsubscribes. But there are some common and simple things that you can do to reduce unsubscribes. Set Expectation Correctly ————————————– Set the correct expectations with your subscriber, the moment they join your list. This is where your “welcome email” plays a very important part. Provide Value ————————— This is a no-brainer.. Your subscriber joined your list for something that enticed him/her. If he doesn’t get the value, he opted for… He is sure to unsubscribe.. Whatever you promise in your squeeze page or, your offer page should be what you are offering your subscriber. Your Unsubscribe Link ————————————- Every AR automatically inserts an unsubscribe link at the bottom of every email. There is no too much you can do about that. But something that has always worked is putting something like the below just beneath your signature. For more such tips and tricks visit

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