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Go here to learn more about the Silver Fox Lead Factory and how to become a manager ,aking 100% of the profit from the memebrship fee. Congrats YOU Are A Manager & Keep 100% Of The Profit In The Silver Fox Lead Factory Making Money With Harvey The Silver Fox •Assuming the reason you received this is you bought out your manager (show BUY BUTTON) •Go into your back office MEMBER LOGIN through Book Mark Staging area •Go to MY Personal Info •Replace Sponsor’s PayPal Email link with your’s plus any other affiliate links you might be working •I Have “Marked You As Paid” •Go to your P page find Little Ticket To Wealth link and join pay •I will still be sending the 100 leads day to YOUR downline •Go to your back office replace YOUR sponsor’s LTTW affiliate link with YOUR LTTW link •Once you are “MARKED PAID” check to see if your PayPal email shows on your splash page. You can NOT mark your new manager AS PAID I must do that for you!!! •Manager Flow Chart – Hire 10 No Invesment Telemarketer & Posters sell ONLY one a week make 00 •You will be splitting the membership fee with your No Investment Telemarketer & Poster – when they sell a 0 membership. •YOU MUST PAY YOUR NO INVESTMENT TELEMARKETER & POSTER WITHIN 24 TO 48 HOURS – or you will be terminated from the program! •Since you are the one who was paid and not me I will not have a record of this transaction. You must send me a PayPal receipt of that PAID new member so I can

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