Social Bookmarking on Steroids’ for your content syndication

26 Feb, 2013  |  Posted by  |  under Social Bookmarking Visit my blog for a full rundown on how you can use Social bookmarking to get google friendly backlinks is becoming more and more fashionable these days to get your content syndication completed. Why? It’s basically what sharing really is. People recommending good content to each other…. 00:10 What is Social Bookmarking for Content Syndication 02:22 Why is Social Bookmarking important 05:43 How Social Bookmarking is done 07:51 Tribe tactics for Social Bookmarking and Contnt Syndication 09:21 Invitation to Social Bookmarking Tribe Latest Google updates gave everyone a lesson that natural backlinking should be always the main focus. And what are more natural links, than social bookmarking links, like Facebook shares, Twitter shares and Google Plus shares? The problem is that it’s hard to get backlinks yourself from these big social sites. In other words, you want to share your content to as many sites as possible (like article directories, bookmarking sites, social sites, etc.) so that your content gets found by the sites users, AND it gets a link back to your site which will help it get ranked in Google so people will continue to find your site. So, the whole point is to get traffic because without traffic you would get zero sales and we do that through content syndication. The big problem comes when we actually try to share our content to a level that will actually give us decent results. You could literally spend all day sharing your content so that

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