Social Metrics Pro Review – HOT Social Media Plugin By Daniel Tan

12 Feb, 2013  |  Posted by  |  under SMO (Social Media Optimize)

Click Here: Who Should Get SMPro? You Own and Manage WordPress sites – Tracks your social signals automatically – Watch which network has your posts/pages shared – Turn reds to greens and see increase in traffic! – Maintain great social visibilities and see more keywords ranked – Expect more keywords to rank high on Search Engines! – Gain traffic to your websites, more than you can ever imagine! – Feel and celebrate the power of Social Media marketing! You Have Assistants Handling Social Media Marketing For You – Ensure the VA is doing a great job by tracking and measuring the result – Assign targets and objective to any Virtual Assistant – Easily guide them which network they should put more effort into – Easily check how well they do by looking at just ONE table – Measure and manage your virtual assistant effortlessly Your Are A Professional Social Media Marketing Consultant – Simplify your job by just checking on the colors! – Train your staffs to manage campaigns according to colors! – Knowing that your staffs will not waste resources over-optimizing a network! – Your attention is only needed on posts/pages with apparent low reds! You Want To Improve Your Social Visibility – Score high by turning the Reds to Greens systematically – Do it one-by-one and start seeing improvement – Never go wrong with under/over-optimizing a network! – Become resourceful and efficient! – Your site will rank higher with better social visibility! – Instantly outperform 90% of the

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