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20 Nov, 2012  |  Posted by  |  under List Building

The List Building Process The List Building Process is a very simple and straightforward formula, but is also vitally important for all Affiliate or Internet Marketers to use. Mastering the List Building Process will let you build a highly responsive list that will in turn buy your affiliate and Internet marketing products. Success online as an Internet Marketer is one of the things in which a high percentage of people fail who try, yet is so simple. Knowing how to build a profitable e-mail list is therefore one of if not the most important aspect involving affiliates finding success Internet marketing. The list building process has what I say 4 basic elements. These are, your marketing campaign, your squeeze page, your self liquidating offer, and then of course your follow up e-mails, which you build to be able to make your list more responsive and valuable. Your follow up e-mails are also of course where you will be making your money from your list building efforts, considering you will be selling affiliate products to a group of interested and dedicated buyers (your list). Although it may seem as though one aspect of your list building process is more valuable than the next, the truth is that without one or the other, the process would not be complete. Your squeeze page is the first step in your list building process, and in general is a single webpage that is geared to literally squeeze the visitors name and e-mail out of them. There are a few basic

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