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socialmediabar.com Welcome to my YouTube Channel on Blogging and VideoBlogging! On this channel I will share content on Blogging, VideoBlogging and other content sharing Internet Marketing Strategies. Please subscribe! 0:01 The video Welcome to my channel on Blogging and VideoBlogging begins 0:20 Blogging and VideoBlogging Challenge 0:36 Please Subscribe to my Blogging and VideoBlogging Channel Blogging and VideoBlogging – the coolest money making strategies? I´m sure you´ve heard about blogging and bloggers who make money with different strategies; some bloggers even get famous and can enjoy a luxurious lifestyle. But VideoBlogging is not that common yet. Many people put up videos on YouTube but mostly for fun or with no marketing skills. Some may hope for fame and glory, though. VideoBlogging is when you create a blog post and insert a video in it. Many do video marketing but skip the blogging part, they market solely on YouTube and put a link to their capture page (their offer) below the video for people to click on and get more info. When people buy into their offer they make money – this is a very good internet marketing strategy. If you want an even more powerful marketing tool VideoBlogging could be your answer. The power with VideoBlogging comes from the fact that you drive traffic from two ends; both from your blog (blogging) and from your YouTube channel (video marketing). When doing Blogging or VideoBlogging you need consistency; you won´t rock the internet by

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